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Are you looking for Halal Gochujang to make your Korean dishes but could not find any gochujang that is halal in the market? Well, look no further. We, at Artsie Hijabis decided to make our own Halal Gochujang and share it with our families and friends. And also to whoever is interested in making Korean food. We love Korean dramas, movies, KPOP and of course, Korean food. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, it is easier now to find halal Korean food in Singapore so it is not a problem for us each time we crave for it. However, it is not that cheap to always eat in restaurant. Thus, we thought to ourselves and made the decision to make our own Halal Gochujang as it is the most important ingredients in most Korean food.

It is not easy for us to find halal ingredients to make the gochujang and so we did a lot of research to find alternative ingredients without compromising on the taste. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's grace, we managed to come out with our own recipe. And so we named it Mashisseo which means delicious in Korean. We pray and hope that it will taste delicious just as its' name. 🙂    

So come and get our Halal Homemade Mashisseo Gochujang now! We're pretty sure it is something not to be missed. Do follow us on Facebook or Instagram for pre-orders on our halal gochujang. 

Mashisseo Gochujang

Size: 300 gm

Price: SGD $15

Self-Collection only at Hougang Avenue 1 or you can opt for your own courier service.

This is only open to those staying in Singapore. We do not ship overseas at the moment as shipping is quite expensive.

Get one now and start making your own Korean food. 😉

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