Seoul & Busan 2017 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Seoul/Busan – 6 days 7 nights (15 Oct – 22 Oct) Flight: Korean Airlines – S$684.90 (Booked directly via its’ website in Apr) Accommodation: Airbnb – Chloe’s Apartment – S$602 for 5 nights, fit up to 4 people. *If you’re new to Airbnb, please use this link to get SGD$45 when you […]


Mashisseo Gochujang | Muslim Food Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Are you looking for Halal Gochujang to make your Korean dishes but could not find any gochujang that is halal in the market? Well, look no further. We, at Artsie Hijabis decided to make our own Halal Gochujang and share it with our families and friends. And also to whoever is interested in making Korean […]


Halal Gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Paste) | Muslim Food Blog | Artsie Hijabis

When you travel to Korea, the first step for you to immerse yourself in the Korean culture is to experience the authentic taste of halal Korean food. Food and travel are like planes and airports. They go together side by side. Food is always the highlight in most of our travel journey. Eating what the […]


Kuala Lumpur 2017 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Kuala Lumpur – 4 days 3 nights (16 Mar – 19 Mar) Flight: Malaysia Airlines – S$100.80 (Booked via Zuji)  Accommodation: ANSA Kuala Lumpur – S$192 per Deluxe Room for 3 nights through AGODA (Rate is based on current promotion) This is going to be a short post as this is the […]


Travel Needs You May Require For Your Trip | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Below are some travel websites which you may need for your travelling! We will update more if we know of any good travel websites and travel deals. AGODA Book your hotel with our preferred website, Over 1,000,000 vacation rentals and hotels worldwide with lowest rates guaranteed. Click on the link below to get your […]


Hong Kong 2016 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Hong Kong – 5 days 5 nights (21 Dec – 26 Dec) Flight: Cathay Pacific – $397 per person (Return) Accommodation: Citadines Ashley Hong Kong – $433.25 per Studio Room for 4 nights and Regal Airport Hotel – $223.04 per 1 Superior Room for 1 night (needed a “layover” hotel as our […]


Kuala Lumpur 2016 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Kuala Lumpur – 3 days 2 nights (5 Aug – 7 Aug) Flight: Jetstar Asia- S$86.13 per person for return flight including shared baggage of 15kg to KL and 25kg to SG Accommodation: PARKROYAL Hotel – S$239 per Superior Room for 2 nights through AGODA (our choice of hotel whenever in KL) […]


Perth 2016 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Perth – 5 days 4 nights (28 Apr – 3 May) Flight: Singapore Airlines – S$551.50 return flight (Look out for promo!) Australia Visa – AUD$20 Accommodation: Free – Aunt’s house at Aubin Grove It was an impromptu decision to visit Perth last year after having a reunion dinner with our aunt […]


Muslim Travel Blog: Five (5) Tips to Plan a Halal Holiday | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim travellers often lament the fact that it is difficult to travel to Non-Muslims countries because lack of halal food, lack of praying facilities to pray, etc. But believe us, it is not that difficult if you plan earlier and research on the countries that you want to visit. There is a famous saying, “If you […]


Muslim Travel Blog: Our Travel Bucket List | Artsie Hijabis

One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. ~ Paulo Coelho Do you want to live a life filled with fun and adventure? Then you need to dream big and start writing your own travel bucket list. A travel bucket […]

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Kuala Lumpur 2015 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Kuala Lumpur – 3 days 2 nights Flight: Tiger Airways – $84.40 return flight (group booking of more than 10 pax will get a better deal but baggage not included) Accommodation: Parkroyal Hotel – $318.96 for double deluxe deluxe room for 2 nights with breakfast included (2 super single bed, able to […]

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Muslim Travel Blog: Should I Get Travel Insurance? | Artsie Hijabis

Most travelers think that travel insurance is not necessary but to us, travel insurance is as important as a passport in our trips. We know we are worrywarts but it is for our own good. This is because we never know what is going to happen in the future. Our luggage was delayed once and we […]


Muslim Travel Blog: Which Website Is The Best To Book Hotels? | Artsie Hijabis

Whether you are a frequent traveller or once-in-a-year kind of traveller, you would want the best deal or the cheapest deal for your travel needs. With so many options out there, sometimes it is tough to know which website is trustworthy. Usually, we would advise family and friends to book directly via hotel website instead […]


Muslim Travel Blog: Which Budget Airlines Should You Consider Choosing? | Artsie Hijabis

As the Singapore currency continues to soar amidst the economic stagnation, that does not mean us, Singaporeans are living like the “rich and famous”. Thanks to the high costs of living in Singapore, we need to learn to be thrifty and be a smart-saver. Travelling can be a luxurious thing to do for most of […]


Ho Chi Minh City 2015 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in HCMC – 4 days 3 nights Flight: Singapore Airlines (SIA) – $196.80 return flight (promo flight) Accommodation: Lan Lan 2 Hotel (District 1) – $473.19 for 2 deluxe rooms with extra bed in one room (Do request for higher floor if you prefer quietness and no disturbance) We have never been on […]


Seoul 2015 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Seoul, South Korea – 7 days 7 nights Flight: Cathay Pacific (transit in Hong Kong) – $627.80 return flight Accommodation: Airbnb – Ryan’s Duplex Hongdae/Itaewon #3 ($703 for 7 nights) ~ use my referral code if this is the first time you’re using Airbnb: rreduan This is our first time travelling for […]


Bangkok 2014 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Bangkok – 4 days 3 nights Flight: Tiger Airways/Air Asia/Jetstar (prices are between $120-$160 with baggage) Hotel: Budacco/Citin Pratunam/Grand Alpine – Pratunam area (Budacco has better service than the other two and is more expensive compared to the other two) We have been to Bangkok thrice because we need to stock up […]


Hong Kong 2013 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Hong Kong – 4 days 3 nights Artsie Hijabis decided to travel yet again and this time, it was to Hong Kong! For this trip, only 4 of us were travelling together. It’s a smaller group compared to the Bandung trip in 2012. Below is the breakdown of our trip:- Flight: Jetstar […]


Bandung 2012 | Muslim Travel Blog | Artsie Hijabis

Muslim Traveller in Bandung – 4 days 3 nights Day 1: At Changi Airport around 7 in the morning. We need to be there 2 hours early to check in and get our air tickets. We took Air Asia, a budget airline which we booked 4 months earlier. The earlier you book the ticket, the better […]