About Us

Who We Are

I am Raudhah, the creative behind Artsie Hijabis. The birth of the brand came about when I first realised my passion for designing, creating and helping others. I want to inspire women in hijab that we can do what we want if we put our mind and soul into it. 

Artsie Hijabis are dedicated in offering products and services that are in accordance to the Islamic ways for our consumers. We get our inspiration mostly from our faith and the beauty that surrounds us in this world. 

Reasons For Setting Up Artsie Hijabis:

Over the course of my life, I have travelled to a number of countries and they have changed my perspective on how we should view this world. Travelling has brought me a lot of satisfaction and knowledge. I first started blogging as a personal tool to journal on the topics I love the most: fashion, travel and food.

But now, I am dedicating myself to provide Islamic products and services that are unique to my brand. Together with my team, we hope to educate, motivate and inspire our consumers through our faith in Islam. We also want to encourage people to shop, donate and make a difference for each purchase. 

There is nothing more satisfying than sharing what we love the most and to know people will be able to benefit from it. We hope for your support and love for our website.

The Squad behind Artsie Hijabis:


Siti Raudhah is the founder and owner of Artsie Hijabis. Also known as the "The Brain". She is the one managing Artsie Hijabis as a whole. 



Siti Syahirah is the purchaser for Artsie Hijabis' products. Also known as "The Shopaholic". Her addiction to shopping helps Artsie Hijabis source for the right products. 



Siti Amirah is the quality control manager behind Artsie Hijabis' products and services. Also known as "The Inspector". Her keen eye for detail helps Artsie Hijabis to notice the latest trends in the market and to make sure Artsie Hijabis' products and services are up to date.